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Harvey & Sherman's AIDS Walk 2020 Fundraising Page

Harvey & Sherman

Each year, Harvey & Sherman help their dads, John & Todd, raise $5,000 to support AIDS Walk Kansas City.

This year, the Walk is going virtual because of the COVID-19 crisis. But the need for funds is greater this year than most, because people who are immunocompromised (including those living with HIV/AIDS) are a higher risk for serious illness.

If you're able to donate this year, we hope you'll consider supporting the boys' efforts!



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Recent Donations

1. John And Jo Ann Tweed
Thanks for making a difference!
2. Chris & Aidan Koster
We love you guys!
3. Julie And Tom
Happy Virtual Walking! Thank you for raising money for AIDS Walk 2020!
4. Johnna Todd
5. Ron & Barbara Price
6. Kimberly Stoner
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