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Welcome to Andrew Wilnerd's Page

As you may gather from reading the words on my picture, THIS cause is very dear to me. I appreciate all the love, prayers and support Team Spaces & Scapes can get!

It's people like you who have saved people like me!

I am humbled to say a public "thank you" after receiving the medical, medicinal, financial, and psychological help that our local AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) have provided in and out of several crisis situations!

I've been in crisis many times. Not sobbing about it, I'm just sharing so you can perhaps more clearly see how your support helps.

1. Med Theft. I first learned about AIDS Service Organizations (ASO's) when my car was broken in to and my month's supply of HIV meds was stolen. Within 9 hours, I had a bag full of new meds ($2,200 worth), my blood drawn, and an appointment to see an AIDS specialist---and I didn't even live in KC!

Good Samaritan Project and KC Care have walked with me ever since this divine intervention....and so have you!

2. Pancreatitus sidelined me from more than the dinner table. It roadblocked my pursuit of a PhD from the University of Kansas...I thought I had lost out on my last chance to make something good happen. Physicians at KC Free walked me thru the physical pain and I learned about good nutrition!

3. Depression. ASO-supported counselors walked me thru the emotional pain from losses of career, relationships, and dreams. During the 18 month pancreatic ordeal, I was encouraged to engage in therapy. I learned how to turn negatives into positives. That experience inspired me to become a counselor and to walk with others!

4. Lipodystrophy is a condition many long-term survivors have endured. This medical problem shifts fat cells from parts of the body (face and butt) and plants them in undesirable places like underneath the abs I worked so hard to develop. It hurts at times.. Through the years, I've had successful medical treatments that have helped me navigate this situation. ASOs again were there...walking with me.

5. Karposi's Sacrcoma by far was the most painful and scary of all the crisis situations I faced. But I didn't face it alone. After two decades of $30,000+-a- year medical therapy funded in part by ASOs, I developed KS, Karposi's Sarcoma. I had painful tumors and lesions covering 95% of my feet and on parts of my legs, arms, and torso. Upon hearing of my condition, my ASO case-worker, Erica RUSHED into action. She navigated many systems and helped get me on a HIV medication regimen that would again bring me back to an undetectable level....thus, killing the cancer. She also took other critical action immediately: She coordinated with my doctor and she got me into immediate contact with Jason, a counselor at KC Free who now is on the leadership team. With Jason, I walked thru "stuff" I had not walked or worked thru before. Anyone and everyone who had ever supported ASOs was there, too. Walking for me! (Because I could not walk for about 2 weeks)

So, I thank you! I praise you! And I need do countless others. For "us" to survive, we must not walk alone....ever!

Our Team goal is to raise $10,000.
Together we can pave paths for one of the best AIDS Service Organizations in the US!

Walk with US

- Andrew



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