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For Friends & Family of JP Crilly

Derrick & Shaun B

We're excited to be back for Season 31, fashionably late per usual. We've been super busy in 2019 changing jobs, changing positions, and changing zip codes. Now it's time for what we do best, and that's changing the community!

This year, our goal is clear: Raise $100,000 since 2016! And we're going to do it in style by honoring our dear friend JP the whole way!

Remember why we do this! Your donation is what keeps Kansas City a LEADER in the nation in keeping people's viral loads undetectable, which means their status is untransmittable!! This is proof that your contribution is working! Thank you so, so much for your continued generosity as we work hard to improve lives across our community.

Forever Grateful,
-- Derrick & Shaun and JP's Forever Fans



raised of $10,000 goal

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We love you guys, see you tomorrow!
4. DDale & Bardie
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6. LLisa & George
Love you both, thanks for all you do!!! You are amazing!

Team JP's Little Monsters