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Welcome to Nancy Harrington's 2019 AIDSWalk KC Page

Nancy Harrington

I am a biology professor and sexuality educator, and I have led Team Metropolitan Community College in AIDSWalk KC for 15 years. We have raised thousands for local community members infected and affected by HIV.

Back story: it was 1986, just north of San Francisco. My friend Bob Katheiser was a strong, tall, handsome man with a soft, deep voice and a gentle way of moving. He said that he, like many of his gay friends, did not want to be tested for the virus. His logical mind told him that as long as he felt well and seemed healthy, why should he seek information that would confirm his early death? There was no effective treatment or medication; no hope. No notion of U=U (undetectable = untransmittable.)

Bob eventually did get tested. He had the virus. So he quit his job, limited his relationships, educated himself about HIV, and began to volunteer as a guest speaker in schools and community groups. Bob made quite an impact. When he stood up to speak, he would start by clearing his throat, scanning the room slowly, and then he would say, “I have attended 60 funerals in the past 3 months.”

Bob and I gave many presentations together in those years. I was the biologist, the educator, the youth advocate, and he was The Face of AIDS. After a heroic journey, Bob died four years later. His viral load never became undetectable. His immune system fought, but could not win. Bob was so sad to lose his life early. But he had hope: “I would like to see a cure in my lifetime.” Unfortunately, his lifetime was too short, and we are still waiting.

My goal is not as lofty as Bob’s, but perhaps as important. In my lifetime, I hope to see many more of us learn to talk openly, frankly and clearly about the full spectrum of our sexuality in all its forms and expressions. We can improve lives and remove stigma. Please join me in this effort.



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