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Help Harl Van Deursen honor S. Sloane Simmons

I'm married to a dynamo. S Sloane Simmons is just shy of crazed when it comes to philanthropy. I think this stems from her unrestrained compassion and empathy for everyone, along with her understanding that the need for volunteers and fundraising far exceeds the supply.

Over twenty years ago, Sloane got involved with AIDS Walk Kansas City, putting her mind and body to work to fight a global pandemic at the local level. She probably knew that I would allow her to pull me right along into the fight. Our son Dakota was inducted the very month he was born and has become an active philanthropist by emulating his mother.

Sloane has worked along with many other dedicated and wonderful people, including a stint as president of the board of the AIDS Service Foundation. Together, they have fought for people in Kansas City who suffer from HIV and AIDS. I would say that she works tirelessly, but that would be wrong; the fight has exhausted her at times, but she just doesn't stop when there's something important to be done.

Besides her time on the board of the AIDS Service Foundation, Sloane has led others by serving on the boards of other local AIDS service organizations and foundations. She fights stigma by using her voice, and she believes that education of our youngest and most vulnerable is a priority.

This year, Sloane and Jacques Bredius were chosen as honorary co-chairs for AIDS Walk Kansas City, one of the oldest and most successful AIDS Walks in the nation. The honor touched her deeply and has redoubled her desire to help - something I never thought possible.

Sloane is amazing. Please help me honor her by donating to the 30th Annual AIDS Walk Kansas City. And join us in Theis Park on April 28th as we all come together to walk toward a world without AIDS.

- Harl Van Deursen, admirer and spousal unit



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