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Hi there and thanks so much for visiting the team page for UMB Pride. We hope you find the information here useful and are grateful for any and all financial support you can provide. 80% of the funds raised by AIDS Walk KC go to four local charities and another 10% go to smaller community organizations. Every penny helps in providing services to those in need of health, mental, housing and other support needs.

One of the biggest initiatives that are beginning to take hold across the world is U=U (Undetectectable=Untransmittable). This initiative is to press the importance to everyone that once someone has an undetectable viral load, and are taking their medications, they are no longer able to transmit the HIV virus. This will help reduce the stigma placed upon HIV+ people, allow those with fears to come and be tested and to know that one can still lead a healthy and happy life, including marriage and children.


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