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Welcome to Heartland Men’s Chorus's team Page

HMC has been a part of the AIDS WALK for 30 years.

We walk because we have "ad astra" (among the stars) singers that passed away due to AIDS. We walk because education is important!! We walk because people are still being kicked out of their homes after announcing they are gay or have HIV and living on the streets. We walk because we are STRONGER TOGETHER than we are as individuals.

Together we can make a difference! - Heartland Men’s Chorus



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Team Members

Chuck Comstock
    SDSteve Dodge
      Randy Hite
        Leslie Longberg
          Dennis Hayden
            Kevin White
              John Sims
                GMGreg Maupins
                  Moe Graenser
                    BGBen Guthery
                      Rob Hill

                        Recent Donations

                        RSRenee Stewart
                        So proud of you and your great big heart! Thank you for all that you do for the world!
                        RTRALPH TRITES
                        NNancy Newman
                        Thank you Nancy Newman for the check!

                        Team Overview

                        Team Heartland Men’s Chorus has raised 41% of its goal
                        Team Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00
                        Money Raised:$8,288.00

                        Event overview

                        AIDS Walk Kansas City 2018 has raised 92% of their goal
                        AIDS Walk Kansas City 2018 Goal:$500,000.00
                        Money Raised:$463,156.31