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Hallmark takes pride in our mission of building relationships and making stronger connections through caring, genuine and loving sentiments. Hallmarkers know how powerful words can be. Words of support are the roots of Hallmark’s long history of partnership with AIDS WALK Kansas City. Showing up and walking is impactful but by showing up with words of kindness and love, we are able to shift perceptions and knock down stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS.

When HIV/AIDS is defeated, it will be because of the open and loving dialogue between individuals and communities. It will be because of the support of family, human solidarity and the human perseverance to find new paths and solutions. Hallmark will be there every step of the way.

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Bernard J Shondell
  • Joey Shondell
  • Allie Robson
cassie atteberry
  • cassie atteberry
The HAAL Steppers
  • The HAAL Steppers
Julianne Melograno
  • Julianne Melograno
  • Jamie Myerson
Erin Brower
  • Erin Brower
Emily Sullivan
  • Emily Sullivan
  • Blake Sullivan
Mary McCarthy
  • Mary McCarthy
Terri Walker
  • Terri L. Walker


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