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Welcome to our team page. My brother Kip Weiner passed away in 1993 from complications due to AIDS. Kip was a funny, talented, loving, hornery guy, with a twinkle, and stars in his eyes! Kip left a legacy that lives on. Begining with an AIDS awarness program he started with his Mom, Jody Weiner. And now Kips new 2 year old great nephew Kiptyn carries his name. He is the son of Kips, best little girl buddy, and partner in crime, niece Ashley, the apple of his eye.

Kiptyn's Grandpa Eddie and I, along with friends and family will walk proudly beside Our Team Leader Kiptyn, and his parents My daughter Ashley and son-in-law Brad as they carry Kips Memorial Flag again this year.

Kips Mother Jody, his sisters Cindy (and Me aka wendy) and All of our friends and family thank you for visiting this group, and with great gratitude ask for your donation to this very important cause!

Our Team Leader Kiptyn wants me to thank you, and let you to know that together we can make a difference!! - Love, Wellness, and Peace to all, because we ALL deserve nothing less. xx


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