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Welcome to The University of Kansas Health System's team Page

The University of Kansas Health System is proud to support the 30th anniversary of AIDS Walk Kansas City. The Kansas City area compares favorably to the national average in many key HIV/AIDS treatment markers such as linkage to care, sustained care, and viral suppression. This is due in part to the community resources that are supported by AIDS Walk Kansas City. Please consider making a donation to help our team reach our $5,000 goal.

Why Donate?
-5,700 individuals in the KC metro area are currently living with HIV/AIDS
-HIV infection rates are on the rise in black males, minority females, and young adults ages 13 to 24
-TUKHS routinely follows over 600 HIV patients at any one time

All funds raised go to the Hope Care Center, KC Care Clinic, the Good Samaritan Project, and Save Inc.



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Team Members

BDBlake Dankert
    Dylan Severson
      Evan Williams
        A.J. Mellott
          MHMegan Herrman
            RGRyan Gove
              BABrooke Abel
                HDHope DuBois
                  KPKatie Potter
                    Myra Box
                    • MBMyra Box
                    • BMBryce Melvin
                    • SJSebastion Jolley
                    • DWDavid Wofford
                    AHAmy Heidenreich
                    • GHGreg Hearl
                    BPBradley Perez
                    • IPIsabella Perez
                    LCLISA CLOUGH
                      PRPaul Rotert
                        STSarah Tate
                          Marquis Byrd
                          • DGDerrell Goudeau
                          • ANAlexzandrea Neal
                          • KGKing Goudeau
                          JPJon Peskind
                            SSSamantha Sullenger
                            • DMDerek McGinnis
                            • SSSamantha Sullenger
                            ARAlicia Ray
                              AMAna Monroy
                                AKAnna Kusch
                                • BWBill Wood
                                BMB Murrell
                                  Gigi Siers
                                    Gina Davis
                                      JSJacques Simmons
                                      • CCChadrick Simmons/ Coleman
                                      • SRShamarie Robinson
                                      • TSTalisha Simmons
                                      • SSSumitt Simmons
                                      • GSGilda Simmons
                                      JHJenn Howell
                                      • JHJenn Howell
                                      • IHIanna Howell
                                      • SHStephanie Howell
                                      JFJennifer Fiala
                                      • TFTim Fiala
                                      JHJoe Hagen
                                        JHJulie Ho
                                          KWKaty Wirtz
                                            Kelly Brunk
                                              KBKiku Brooks
                                              • NBNaomi Brooks
                                              MCMaddie Corrado
                                              • MVMike Viera
                                              • HTHaley Tapp
                                              WCWendy Cox
                                                YNYen Nguyen

                                                  Recent Donations

                                                  AGAmanda Gartner
                                                  KCKatrina Cockrum
                                                  PTPaulette Tasca
                                                  Sorry I can’t be there Ryan??????

                                                  Team Overview

                                                  Team The University of Kansas Health System has raised 109% of its goal
                                                  Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
                                                  Money Raised:$5,455.00

                                                  Event overview

                                                  AIDS Walk Kansas City 2018 has raised 92% of their goal
                                                  AIDS Walk Kansas City 2018 Goal:$500,000.00
                                                  Money Raised:$463,156.31