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Randy Hite's AIDS WALK Fundraising Page

Randy Hite

Once again this year I will be walking with my team, the HEARTLAND MEN'S CHORUS, in the AIDS WALK on April 27th, 2019.

As a team we walk to remember those we have lost to AIDS and to honor and support those among us living with HIV.

One of the songs that we sang at our Stonewall concert in March talks about those we have lost to AIDS. As I was singing that song at one of our rehearsals, a sadness came to me that took me quite by surprise. That is the power that music has to elicit emotion. The lyrics that got to me are…”and I think of the faces that I never see anymore…the boys who were children and then, the men they barely got to be”….

I’m thankful that it is so much better than it used to be, that people are now living with HIV as a chronic disease. And yet, there is still education about prevention and treatment, and patient care that is very much needed.

Thank you SO MUCH for any amount that you can donate to AIDS WALK KANSAS CITY!

I sincerely thank you for your support, as do the people who will benefit from the services provided by the AIDS Service Foundation. All of the money raised stays in Kansas City and is split between these 4 organizations:

1. The Good Samaritan Project

2. Save Inc.

3. Hope Care Center

4, The Kansas City Care Health Clinic

Thank you again for supporting The Heartland Men's Chorus's AIDS WALK team!

Here's to your good health!



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Good luck Randy & Chorus!
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