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Steve Dodge

Once again I will be participating in AIDS Walk Kansas City on April 27 as part of Team Heartland Men's Chorus. In the early 90s, AIDS took far too many wonderful people from my life, and I have been participating in AIDS Walk since 1992. While there have been great advances in treatment, the need for a cure remains. And so I continue to walk. If you are able to support my participation with a donation, it will be greatly appreciated. If you are supporting another walker or are walking yourself, thank you for what you are doing. It will take all of us to bring about a change. Steve



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1. PBPat Boston
2. CCCari Cavalcante
We'r so proud of you and your continued commitment to the fight Steve! We love you and Paulie! Cari & Steph
3. JMJoan Maxwell
4. GGenny & Ann
5. SMSusan Moehl
In memory of Chris Smith and in honor of Steve Dodge and Paul Elo...Love Always, Susan, Athena and Penni
6. PEPaul Elo
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