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Welcome to Kia McGee's Page

In case anyone's curious why I care:
1. Obviously it's an important cause, duh.
2. One of my favoritest cousins in the world has been living with HIV for around 30 years. This opened up my eyes to the disease at an early age and made me realize how much it can affect people from every walk of life. AIDS doesn't care if you're gay, straight, black, white, man, woman, or anywhere in between.

With PP looking at a hard battle in days to come and the Affordable Care Act being shredded, people with AIDS and those who care about them are terrified, not knowing what will happen or how they will afford medication and care that is needed just to maintain a bearable standard of living. We're not talking cures, we're just talking staying alive and being able to walk, talk, eat, and exist. I'm not even talking about living symptom-free.

Obviously this is something I could go on about but I need to make sure people see that this isn't an issue for some unknown faceless person. You probably come into contact with people living with HIV and AIDS every day and don't even know it. More than 200,000 cases are diagnosed every year.

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