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Team HMC

Heartland Men’s Chorus has deep roots in Kansas City and AIDSWalk. HMC knows the power of using our voices to incite change when we act locally, which is why we support AIDSWalk in its continuing mission of acting locally to bring the message of U=U.

Together, we will find HOME,

Ken Stewart
  • Ken Stewart
John Sims
  • John Sims
Brian Cowley
  • Brian Cowley


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1. Ed Nickel
Lead the way, HMC!
2. Lisa Hickok
Keep up the good work, HMC! Miss seeing you!
3. Mike Elmore & Greg Maupins
So proud of HMC leading by example!
4. Jeff Light
5. Joan Maxwell
Thank you Steve!
6. Mike Anderson
Thank you for all you do