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Greg's 100 Mile Walking Challenge for AIDSWALK 2020

Gregory Morey

Please help me support AIDS WALK Kansas City by making a contribution to my fundraiser - a 100 Mile Walk Challenge -and sharing this page with your family and friends.

Due to the Covid19 Stay at Home public order the walk is taking place virtually and you'll be hearing lots more about that. However I have created my own walking challenge and will donate $1 for every mile I walk in the month leading up to April 25th. My goal is 100 miles and I am inviting you to match my pledge with a gift of $1 for each mile as well, or any amount instead: 50 cents per mile, or 25 cents, 10 or 5 cents. You can wait for the announcement when I reach my 100 mile goal or you give now.

Another option is you can take up my challenge by walking yourself. Get outside and walk in the fresh and join my AIDSWALK Steering Committee team as a virtual walker. Set up your own page and fund raise. It's easy and rewards YOU with better health! Ask me how to get started.

Every dollar I raise stays right here in Kansas City will advance AIDS WALK Kansas City's great cause, especially fighting the the stigma of HIV/AIDS through community education and advocacy. Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.

Together, we can make a difference!

I want to thank the folks who already donated so generously to my March Birthday fundraiser: Mary Sapp and Diane Constantin, Norma Elgan, Tai Nguyen, Fred Trease, Clark Henry and his sister Nancy, Greg Houston, Les Ganninger, and Jason Boggs. You guys helped me reach more than 50% of my total goal - that makes quite a difference!



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