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Chris Mohler

Thank you for visiting my page.

This year I am coming at this Walk a little different than I have in the past. I have taken the position of Team Captain of the Spirit of Hope Metropolitan Community Church team. I am taking over for my great friend Greg Martin. He has helped me transition into this role and I have much love for you Greg.

Looking back over 2018 I have had a year of challenges. My health as well as my personal life have gone through some changes. I was given really bad health news, and then it was found out to be NOT as bad. I moved into my own apartment, and I think its a place I can be happy living at for a very long time.

I want to motivate people this year to not only give but to walk as well. Getting involved with this cause, just makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Walking is a really fun time, it truly is the best part of the whole charity. Knowing you are helping those who are struggling with this disease, making their lives easier, gives one a sense of community. We all need to take care of each other in this world. If that sounds like my Hippie vibe, well then Let It Be. I can't stop. LOL

We also walk this year to promote the U=U initiative. If your Viral Load is undetectable then you CANNOT transmit this virus by having sex. The science is there to prove this, and we need to get this information out there to the world. We need not live in fear and stigma. Take your meds, keep your viral load to 0, and you protect your own health and the health of your partner. If you have any questions, I can direct you to the information you need. This is a reason to Celebrate on this walk this year. Let's raise money and awareness of this U=U.

Here is an article that is easy to understand the U=U Campaign. check it out:

Thank you for contributing in whatever way you can. Together we can make others more manageable with the issues AIDS/HIV brings to all who are affected.

Come April 27th, Lets all get Walking. Love You All.



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